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Guide on how to upgrade OS X Mavericks for free from all versions

Guide on how to upgrade OS X Mavericks for free from all versions

AllApple event yesterday, the Cupertino company has released OS X Mavericks. The interesting thing that this time, the new operating system can be installed on your Mac completely free.

OS X Maverickshas brought some interesting innovations: the intelligent consumption of the GPU and understanding of the RAM increase the performance of the devices, to the point thatMacBook Airearns about an hour of battery life. It is also possible to adjust the memory of the GPU based on the need of that moment, evaluating what is needed to carry out the graphic processing. This constant control allows Mavericks to work even with a minimum of 29 MB of allocated video RAM.Now let's see how to install Mavericks on the various machines:

mavericks 2

Hardware check: The first step is to check if the new operating system can be installed on your machine. First check the model of your Mac by going to the Apple icon on the Mac screen at the top left, select Information on this Mac and click on More information. To check if your compatible Mac read this guide.

Software control:Going into the window Information on this Mac, you can check the version of OSX you have installed on your Mac. It is possible to upgrade without any problems to the Snow Leopard version (10.6.8), to the Lion (10.7) or to the MountainLion (10.8).

If you have an earlier version of OSX this is the guide to follow:

  1. OSX Snow Leopard version:First you need to install the latest updates of this operating system by going to Software Update and installing Snow Leopard 10.6.8, which is the latest version. Now you can download OSXMavericks directly from the MacAppStore.
  2. OSX Leopard version:If you have this version, you must first upgrade your Mac to OSX Snow Leopard: you can buy it here. Now you are able to install OSXMavericks.

Download OS X Mavericks.To download and install OSXMavericks click here.

After downloading it, simply follow the on-screen instructions.