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Guide for Screen Recording on Android 4.4 KitKat

As all Android users will have noticed, the new operating system update Android 4.4 KitKat, has introduced many interesting news, the main one being the 'Screen Recording'.

We are talking about a feature that allows users to be able to record video from inside the display of their device. Many Android users find this an insignificant feature, but for other Androidians it may be a very convenient feature. Indeed, many developers thanks to 'Screen Recording' will have the opportunity to record the functioning of the application created, all directly from Android, without being forced to go through a photo or video camera. Thus, all users or developers will be able to record their performances in a video game immediately from the display of their device.

Everything can be done without having to use applications or other non-Android services. Screen Recording a feature that therefore allows you to perform Screen Recording directly from your device which has an Android operating system updated to version 4.4 of the KitKat edition. Of course essential that your smartphone or Tablet is recognized by your computer that the new version of the platform is installed on it Android SDK since the 'ADB' command is required.


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