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[Guida] How to Save Android Battery Consumption

One of the problems that afflicts most of the last generation terminals is battery consumption, the evolution in the field of mobile terminals has seen an exponential growth software and hardware performance, but we cannot say the same for their autonomy.Fashion, high-tech, establish an indispensable dictat on everyone, The dimensions! And it goes to the detriment, in fact, of the consumption and capacity of the Battery. You will surely be affected by the problem of battery consumption, if you own high performance terminals like: Samsung Galaxy S2, Htc Sensation, Lg Dual, Lg 3d, Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC etc .. In this regard we have made this guide to give you the opportunity to enjoy your jewels without being afraid to stay too early with the zero battery:

  • Work on terminal settings

  1. Decrease the shutdown time the screen (from 30 sec standard to 15 sec) in Settings> Audio and display> Screen Timeout.
  2. Deactivate i Live Wallpaper which, although not heavy for the system, if they use accelerometers and sensors, consume a lot of battery. The advice therefore is to use static backgrounds, however there are some beautiful ones.
  3. During the night set the Airplane mode. This on most terminals is activated quickly by entering the shutdown menu (press end long call) and selecting the airplane mode.
  4. Use only 2G networks: Use the use of the 2G network when you do not need to access the network, or when you are under Wi-Fi coverage. Settings -> Wireless and networks -> Mobile networks -> Use only 2G networks, this ensures significant energy savings.
  5. Screen: Reduce its brightness, will help to extend battery life.
  6. Call volumes and tones: lower the tones and volumes of calls and alerts e disable vibration, ensure that the battery of your Android device don't drain too quickly.
  7. Turn off the phone overnight: allows a saving of about 8 hours of battery, so we can take advantage of the battery of the phone up to 1 day more than usual.
  8. Disable the automatic synchronization provided by some apps (such as the clients for Twitter and Facebook and the Posta application). From Settings -> Accounts and Synchronization -> Automatic Synchronization.
  9. Reduce the use of widgets to those necessary, and set a higher update range (1 – 2 – 4- 8 -16), I recommend 8 hours, usually this menu is present in the settings of the widget itself.
  1. Use the browserOpera mini (free on the market) to connect and surf faster. The use of a lean browser corresponds to less waiting time for uploads, ie less battery waste.
  2. APNDroid widget (free on the market) : It is mostly needed to avoid unpleasant surprises. This widget to add to the home, deactivates all APNs that would otherwise make us connect to networks and spend money. The widget therefore manages and controls WAP, MMS and WEB connections. By deactivating the APN we would consequently have a saving in consumption.
  3. Extended Controls: make sure you have this widget always visible and, when you don't intend to use some functions, disable them using the controls. You can thus manage WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, synchronization and brightness in the best way.
  4. Advanced Task Manager (free on the market): with its widget, it allows you to terminate running applications with a touch. You can select which applications you want to remain active, through the application settings.
  5. Startup Cleaner 2.0 (free on the market) : terminates unwanted applications on startup, saves the burden of terminating them manually and therefore allows a considerable battery optimization. It also speeds up the startup of the terminal.
  6. Social and Chat Applications: use the so called ALL IN ONE applications, such as Nimbuzz or IM + All-in-One Messenger, which allow you to interact with all your MSN Messenger, Google gTalk (GMail), Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook from a single app simultaneously, certainly help to extend the daily life of the battery. Then remember not to leave open the applications you don't use, so you will be able to save battery on your Android device.
  7. Juice Defender Battery Saver: application that promises to increase the duration of the autonomy of our smartphones, through unoculated management of network connections, a must try.
  8. Timeout3g: intelligently disables the 3G connection when the screen turns off, after a configurable timeout.
  • Final thoughts: I know, after reading this guide, you will ask, "That I bought to make a cell phone that can do 1 million things, if I have to deactivate a large part of it to be able to use it?"

This ap a il compromise to which we are forced to descend, choose which things are most useful to us, follow some precautions, in order to be able to count longer on the battery life. Alternatively, there are gods battery pack, which provide for the use of larger batteries, but usually increase the thickness of the terminal, in this regard I report the output of the battery pack for the Samsung Galaxy S2: here.

By following these tips do you find improvements in battery consumption?

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