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Guerrilla Bob: shoot him all re-invented for iPhone and touch

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Guerrilla Bob: shoots him all re-invented for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The shoots of all titles have had a good success on the App Store even if in most cases it is a matter of shooting and resisting endless hordes of enemies, with little or no variation on the theme. Chillingo revises the genre with the new Guerrilla Bob in which we are always called to make a carnage on the enemies using the virtual double joypad, but with some interesting additions that will delight fans.

First of all, instead of a unique scenario, we will have to lead the intrepid through a series of different levels that are very well made. Fighting in the city, deserts, canyons but also some special sequences where ours will have to deal with the enemies on the ground while sailing on a raft, or driving a mighty bulldozer. In any scenario it is possible to appreciate the care for graphics and realization by Chillingo.

Our Bob can use submachine gun, launch rockets and launch flames depending on what the situation requires, also the variety of game also ensured by the different enemies that we will meet along the way, each with his own armament and his own strategy. Among the bosses at the end of the level we will also have to deal with the protagonist of another famous Chillingo game. So in Guerrilla Bob in addition to shooting in every direction there is an element of exploration and adventure that pushes you to continue in the action but also to replay to discover the power ups and secret areas scattered in the various scenarios. For those who want it, however, it is possible to play in infinite mode, with some levels where you have to shoot madly against the classic endless hordes of enemies up to resistance.

Guerrilla Bob on sale on the App Store for 2.39 euros.

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