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GT Racing Motor Academy: the HD version for iPad in a Macity movie

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GT Racing Motor Academy: the HD version for iPad in a Macity movie –

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Unlike the many driving games available on the App Store, mostly arcade-style, Gameloft has created GT Racing Motor Academy to be a real driving simulator. On the occasion of the celebrations for the tenth year of activity Macitynet has made a video in which it is possible to preview the GT Racing Motor Academy in HD version on iPad.

For this edition the developer has completely revised the graphics of the scenarios and all the countless car models available, all authorized by their respective manufacturers: over 100 vehicles ranging from the first Ford built, passing through different generations of cars up to the milestones of the 4 wheels and the recent super racing cars branded Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti. The list of manufacturers is long and includes practically every name of the industry.

After admiring the version for iPhone and touch, the HD version for iPad can surprise even more. The wider view guarantees a complete immersion effect: even if the graphics cannot match the living room consoles, GT Racing on the iPad is a feast for the eyes. Added to this is ease of use thanks to fully customizable controls, both as regards the accelerometer, and for the touch buttons on the screen. During the game and in the replays, just swipe a finger to change the frame and review the action from another perspective.

Finally, remember that GT Racing allows you to play according to the tastes and preferences of the player: just reduce the level of realism, the detection of the collisions and introduce the driving automatisms to play in a more arcade style. For those who want to be serious about the physical engine and the behavior model capable of giving a hard time for the dozens of tests and races in career mode, or in single races. Coming to the Apple tablet in June.

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