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Gravity, the heavy blanket to sleep well arrives in Italy

Gravity, la coperta pesante per dormire bene arriva in Italia

When the Gravity blanket was launched in America literally snapped up, and now it is probable that the rush to buy will also start here in Italy since recently available on Amazon. It was born in April as a project on Kickstarter, with the aim of raising $ 21,000 to start mass production, but the idea liked it so much that in less than a month the company raised more than $ 5 million. Yeah, but what's this idea?

Gravity, the heavy blanket to sleep well arrives in Italy

Gravity a heavy blanket in the strict sense of the term: removable and therefore practical even in summer, it can weigh up to 12% of a person's body weight (there are three different models of 6.8 kg, 9 kg and 11.3 kg) . This type of blanket well known by the medical community, which has been using it for decades as a natural remedy for anxiety and stress in therapies with disabled children, animals and for the mental health of adults: confirmation comes from a study conducted by researchers at the Swedish University of Gothenburg , whose participants actually found a quieter sleep, mainly due to the decrease in nighttime movements.

This happens because the Gravity blanket, evenly distributing a certain weight throughout the body, would increase the levels of serotonin and melatonin while they would lower those of cortisol. The result? Goodbye insomnia, anxiety and stress that lower our level of productivity and in the worst cases lead to the onset of health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

We live in the age of technological gadgets, but here there is no connection or Smart system. Gravity only a blanket that does not cost as a blanket: 249 euros, which can be many or few not only by inserting it in the family budget but also looking at it in the perspective of a world where insomnia, anxiety and stress have a weight – just to stay on the subject – increasingly on our lives.