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Gorillamobile, the tripod for iPhone 3G and 3GS

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Every self-respecting photographer can not do without a tripod, a fundamental accessory that allows us to avoid blurred photos, or helps us to position the camera in the least accessible points. IPhone also has its own tripod, called Gorillamobile. The gadget, produced by Joby, certainly sui generis: it is a mobile tripod, with articulated feet made up of many round elements.

Thanks to these characteristics, the Gorillamobile can be used both as a standard support and in a less orthodox way, by rolling it around a pole and arranging it to adapt to impervious surfaces.

We can then also use it only as a simple stand, to activate GPS on the iPhone or to watch a movie: the Gorillamobile does its duty both as a photographic tripod and as a base for iPhone. It attaches to the mobile phone thanks to an integrated cover, but we also have a small screw adapter available, which lets us use Joby's gadget even with standard cameras, equipped with a 1/4 inch insertion for supports.

It will not be difficult to experiment with various solutions, to use the iPhone where we would never have thought of doing it, or to make theoretically unimaginable shots. All this at a cost of 39.95 euros: the Gorillamobile can be purchased on the official website. Compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS, there are also other versions dedicated to various devices.