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Google wants you to replace your smartphone with a sheet of paper

paper phone

Big G has released an app to test a curious digital detox experiment

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Immersed in the hundreds of notifications that we continuously pass on, we do not realize that we spend most of the day keeping our eyes on the screen of our smartphone. And if the advice on how to do digital detox or smartphonenon baskets are not enough to make us switch off the digital world, Google has seen fit to design one paper smartphone that, although it is not able to make phone calls, take photographs and surf the internet, it provides us with essential information for daily commitments and is proposed as a valid alternative to reduce the use of the telephone and perhaps leave it at home for a whole day.

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To try this innovative solution, just install the free app Paper Phone Google and select which content we want to transfer to paper. We can choose between maps, reminders, contacts, weather forecasts, screenshots or calendars and, when finished, it will be possible print on A4 paper the leaflet showing the information you want. Obviously, being able to export the activities related to the current day, Paper Phone will last only 24 hours.

Taking into account that the same app requires the use of the smartphone to generate the daily mini-agenda, Google's proposal – besides being an experiment – was born to raise awareness for a use of the phone in a conscious and measured way. Currently available Paper Phone only for Android devices: no information is known about the release for iOS and other operating systems.


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