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Google wants to renew the interface of upcoming Android TVs

Google wants to renew the interface of upcoming Android TVs

For some time now there has been rumors of a new Chromecast Ultra dongle based on Android TV, and on the possibility of a real brand rebranding: these hours the rumors that would like a first change for the system, at least in the graphic interface.

The new UI would be destined, precisely, to Google's new Android TV, and should put "greater emphasis on individual films and TV programs", therefore on multimedia content. The imminent redesign of the user interface is described as an experience similar to Amazon Fire TV, with Google currently in talks on the buy-in options and support for the new approach by the main streaming services.

From the device point of view, the revision of the operating system "will have significantly reduced hardware requirements" to make the construction of smart TVs cheaper. From this point of view, it seems that Google is tending to keep TV manufacturers good to compete with the lower requirements required by Roku.

Android TV interface - google chromecast

The new Android TV interface will be launched on Google's new device, which will "debut in the coming months". In the past, photos of the alleged test units also emerged, with a look similar to the current Chromecast Ultra.

It is easy to think that, at least aesthetically, the new Android TV remembers the third generation Chromecast that Google has been selling since 2018. It will have a softer and rounder finish, explain the sources, and the typical G logo, with a very similar HDMI connector to the current Chromecast Ultra, but in a design more in line with Google's current hardware.

Furthermore, the report explains that Google would be "considering using its Nest brand" on the dongle, therefore with a drastic departure from the successful Chromecast brand, which is currently very familiar to users.

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