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Google Translate now works within WhatsApp

Google Translate now works within WhatsApp

"Touch to translate" will allow you to read and write in different languages ​​without having to leave the app you are using


After just 10 years of age, Google Translate introduces important news. Or rather, he introduces himself in other apps through "Touch to translate", the new functionality that will be integrated into the applications to avoid the hustle and bustle of copying and gluing from one side to the other to understand texts in languages ​​that are not known.

The most practical example of the application can be seen by thinking about WhatsApp: to translate a message, there will be no need to abandon the chat.

"Touch to translate" available in all 103 languages ​​of Google Translate on all Android devices from Jellybean (4.2) onwards.

The "Offline mode" of translation has also been extended to iOS, while on Android the weight of data packages for downloading new languages ​​has been reduced.

Among the other news announced, the addition of Chinese between the languages ​​supported by Word Lens, the instantaneous visual translation that allows you to translate from Chinese to English and vice versa (both for simplified and traditional Chinese).


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