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Google says no to tablets, deleted two projects

Google says no to tablets, deleted two projects

Mountain View will now concentrate all efforts on laptops and smartphones, the end of an era

Nexus 7(Photo: Google)

An era ends, that of the Google tablet, whose production comes officially abandoned by the Mountain View giant that shifts its resources and efforts towards the sector laptop. The last two devices that were being worked on were aborted and are said to be so goodbye to a segment that has lived through its golden years, but that at this time in a decisive declining phase.

There will be no regrets for Google, which has ridden the wave of the best tablet years with the lucky Nexus series models that have sold millions of devices worldwide thanks to a excellent value for money offering a powerful technical sheet, a simple design and a reduced cost thanks to the possibility of ordering them directly on the official website.

The latest Google tablet will be remembered as the Pixel Slate that despite some software problems it had its own host of fans thanks to a fine workmanship. And he will not be left to himself: consulted by Engadget, a company spokesman commented that support will continue and now Google will focus on Chromebook laptops and in general on the operating system Chrome Os making all those responsible for research and development migrate.

Below, a confirmation tweet from Rick Osterloh, SVP, Devices & Services from Google:

Furthermore, the work in collaboration with third-party hardware manufacturers, both laptops and tablets, is not interrupted. Translated: there will be no more Google tablets on the horizon, but do not abandon the last model released n those that will be released by other signatures.

For the avoidance of doubt, the smartphone production will continue also because it is one of the most efficient locomotives – with the home automation of Nest – of the Google devices sector. After unveiling Pixel 3a and 3a xl it will be the turn of the highly anticipated Pixels 4 of which we already know the design thanks to a spilled by Google.


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