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Google publishes the Android 11 Developer Preview (but then removes it)

google android 11

Every year, in view of the launch of the next version of Android, Google starts a "preview" period based on beta updates, which are usually distributed first on Pixel devices.

google android 11

Yesterday perhaps the first step towards the new version of the green robot was taken, with the publication of the landing page for the Android 11 developer preview. But what improvements will the eleventh version of the Google operating system bring? At the moment there is not much news in this regard, although several rumors have recently appeared that report a functionality "Share in Print" and the ability to program dark mode.

The page dedicated to Android 11 was removed shortly after by Google, which restored the information relating to Android 10. However, many users have taken steps to the screenshot of the screen, which helps to better understand what should be the first news of the path that will lead to Android 11.

The first box talks about changes in "behavior", that is, system changes that could affect the app when running on Android 11. Also you do reference to security, with new guarantees to protect user privacy. Finally, new functions and APIs are confirmed, including those for folding smartphones.

An explicit mention, those of the "foldables", which did not surprise the experts of the sector much. In fact, Google has worked hard to make the leaflets an accessible form factor for both OEMs and developers, with a specific SDK for leaflets and an emulator announced parallel to the Galaxy Fold. With Android 11, folding smartphones will receive more direct and explicit support.

The rapid removal of the page leads one to think that it was simply a publication that occurred earlier than expected. Android Q Beta 1 was released towards the middle of March and most likely Google will proceed again with the same timescales.

Source 9to5 Google