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Google: our other surprises on the iPhone

Google: our other surprises on the iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

The world must expect more news from the collaboration between Apple and Google on the iPhone. This was what he said during a press event held yesterday in Paris which was attended by the CEO of the Internet giant, Eric Schmidt.

Speaking to the international press convened to present the news of YouTube, in particular the interface in various languages, Schimidt was urged to talk about the functions of the iPhone in relation to Google services, including YouTube, as well as Maps and Gmail . At that point, the CEO took the mobile phone out of his pockets and praised the device's innovation. ?This is a very advanced product * said Schmidt * which is particularly suitable for the new applications that Google is developing. Look for other announcements besides the ones we have presented to date. "

For several months, the relationship between Apple and Google has strengthened and the ties between the two companies are currently very solid, also due to the fact that Schmidt himself is Apple's board of directors.

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