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Google News new design: youtube videos and digital magazines arrive

Google News new design

Google is renewing Google News with a new design that will include elements of the Edicola app (Google Newsstand) and YouTube, comes the AMP technology to improve speed.

Google is renewing Google News with a new design that will include elements of the Edicola app (Google Newsstand) and YouTube, as reported by ADAge.

Google News new design

Google News new design

The new version of Google News should be presented during the Google I / O 2018 developer conference but Google would have already started presenting it in recent weeks has spoken to publishers

How will the new Google News be

What emerges from the rumors gathered by AdAge that the new version of Google News will be a consolidation of the various tools already available today on Google to interact with the news. "There are, in fact, many Google services where you can find news and what they're trying to do with Google to bring everything under one brand.

Google news will include Google Newsstand

Google News will incorporate the Google Newsstand digital news app (Google Newsstand) and the YouTube news section and use the technology behind Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the standard that publishers use to make sure their articles are quickly uploaded on the Google platform.

With the new Google News, you will close Google Newsstand

Google Newsstand should be closed as part of the redesign of GoogleNews that will have a new app, and the changes will also be applied to the website, as well as on mobile and desktop devices.

The Google Mobile Accelerated pages have been developed for the mobile Web and make the user experience of a website as an application.

Google and the publishers

Google's efforts to improve its news products could make it a bit more trusted by publishers, something Google needs. The relationship between Google and the publishers is often ambivalent, the publishers benefit from the traffic that Google generates, but they are worried about giving too much content to the search giant, in exchange for nothing. More and more people find the news through Google, Facebook, Apple and other platforms, but publishers do not have the possibility to monetize this flow, in other words to make money out of them. Perhaps the new Google News will try to resolve this aspect as well to have the unconditional support of the great publishers