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Google Nest Hub now sees you, even without a camera

Google Nest Hub now sees you, even without a camera

Fans have been waiting for the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max update to activate the ultrasound detection function presented last month. Today, finally, the roll out begins, which will allow peripherals to understand how far the user is from the display, adapting the interface accordingly.

To report the start of the Android Police update, officially confirmed by Google. Ultrasonic detection is a better solution especially for the original Nest hub (formerly Google Home Hub) since it does not have a camera. Using high frequency sounds, the intelligent display can understand if the user is in that room, in addition to your approximate location. So, I will use this information to adjust its interface.

For example, when the user is further away from the Nest Nest, the font size will increase to make them more readable. Do the same with a variety of information sheets. With weather maps, for example, the Nest hub will show essential information on a large scale, such as the current temperature, when viewed from a distance.

Google Nest Hub contact and unboxing, home automation, information and videos in 7The Google logo obviously stands on the screen at startup

The feature also allows Nest Hub to offer proactive notifications. Google introduced this feature on Nest Hub Max and without a camera to see who's watching it, Nest Hub couldn't show these notifications. Ultrasonic detection, then, is the only way to use all the active pro features.

Even on Nest Mini or Nest WiFi active ultrasonic detection, even if the absence of displays on these peripherals makes the function less evident. However, just swipe your palm over the top of these devices to turn on the indicator lights that indicate where to touch to adjust a certain setting.

In this article you will find our impressions and contact with Google Nest Hub, instead for the complete technical characteristics we refer to this page.