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Google Meet will be free for everyone

Google Meet will become free for everyone: now the app can be downloaded for free to participate in a video conference, but only those who pay for their G Suite subscription can organize one and manage it. Google said that, due to the coronavirus, videoconferencing of free users will have unlimited duration until September; after which they could end after 60 minutes. The maximum limit of supported users is 100. Google has just announced the news, but has explained that its distribution will be gradual and will arrive "in the next days".

We saw just a few hours ago how the service is seeing a huge surge in users – we are talking about 100 million, thirty times those active just three months ago. Google's choice to make it free is clearly aimed at nipping the explosion of apps like Zoom, whose active users are however three times as many.

Google intends however focus a little more on the security issue: unlike Zoom, for example, registration is required. Of course, the Google account is enough, and by default all those who want to participate in a meeting must first obtain authorization from the organizers. These measures are expected to help reduce the privacy and troll issues that Zoom had in the early stages of its popularity boom, even though it is now rushing for cover.