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Google Meet increases the "participants" from 4 to 16: the layout is like that of Zoom

Google Meet is renewed and meets the needs of users. The improvement established by BigG for its clear and very evident platform, and the intention of the Mountain View giant of recover lost ground towards Zoom.

google meet app video calls

As known, in this period of "lockdown" imposed by various governments to curb the spread of the coronavirus infection, the Zoom app managed to increase its audience exponentially, precisely because it is able to provide all the necessary structure for video calls (think of smart working and distance learning). However, Zoom has also been highly criticized for security and privacy issues, and for this reason that Google has decided to improve Meet to try to "get over" the competitor.

The new view of the Google Meet gallery in fact very similar to that of Zoom. As stated by BigG in a blog post, the Google Meet update should be available to everyone by the weekend. Previously, it was only possible to see four people on the screen at a time, but with Meet's new tiled layout there will be 16 participants to the same call.

The Zoom gallery view still can show more attendees than Meet, with a maximum of 49 people simultaneously depending on the power of your CPU. However, that of Google Meet to consider already a marked improvement, and it is said that things will not improve further in the near future.

Meet, like other video conferencing services, has seen significant growth following the COVID-19 pandemic. Google said in a blog post on April 9 that the service adds over 2 million new users per day. The company also extended free access to some advanced Meet features from 1 July to 30 September.

Source The Verge