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Google Maps will also soon show pollution data

Not only traffic information, but also pollution: Google's experiment with its maps started in California, but could soon continue elsewhere

Google Maps no longer just wants to indicate roads or gas stations, remember the location of the parking lot, real-time updates on the turnout in the shops. There is another series of interesting data that can be provided to the public, and those relating to air pollution: "They help us understand how to live a healthier life, build smarter and more sustainable cities and reduce greenhouse gases, both in rural and urban areas", Explains the company itself in a post.

Google at work since 2015, in order to show users the levels of nitric oxide (NO), carbon dioxide (NO2) and other pollutants emitted by cars, trucks and so on. The project carried out by two partners: the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Aclima. The equipment of this startup dedicated to monitoring sensors has been mounted on Google Street View cars.

The first experiment was conducted in Oakland, CaliforniaEnlarging the map, you can view details that show how pollution can change from block to block. For example, in the area where the Bay Bridge meets the main highway there are higher levels of pollution due to vehicles that accelerate until they cross the highway and pour onto the bridge.


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