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Google Maps Vs Apple Maps: the comparison (with surprise)

google maps vs apple maps

Better apple or Google maps? The challenge Google Maps VS Maps Apple has always seen Google in the head but Apple's maps have improved considerably

Better apple or Google maps? The challenge Google Maps VS Maps now historical apple, and has always seen intesta Google but le Apple maps in fact, Apple Maps, the only navigation software they use, has greatly improved for many iOS users. However, there's no denying that Google Maps has long outclassed Apple in terms of maps. The opinions on the apple maps were mixed.

google maps vs apple maps

Google maps vs Apple maps, a continuous challenge

Better apple or Google maps

Given the competitiveness of Apple and Google, it's easy to forget that in the past the two companies were also "friends". Although now it seems like an ancient story, it must be remembered that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt even took the stage along with Steve Jobs during the iconic introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. Now instead a challenge to the last road is underway of Apple VS Google Maps

The relationship between the two friends, however, was relatively short. In a story that has been told over and over again, the Google Android team, after seeing the iPhone, realized that it would have to completely reimagine the Android operating system. In a short time, Android found itself in direct competition with the iPhone and with Steve Jobs who, in essence, accused Google of a real theft. Apple, in turn, decided to reduce its dependence on Google wherever it could. As a result, Apple eventually started working on its navigation software and eventually launched Apple Maps (Apple Maps) with iOS 6.

Apple Maps improving opinions

The initial reception of Apple Maps was lukewarm and rightly so: early versions of the software were plagued by numerous usability and performance problems, so much so that Craig Federighi from Apple would later claim that Apple had been forced to focus on improving the software.

Google Maps Vs Apple Maps, the comparison

For a long time Google Maps has outperformed Apple in a number of areas, a dynamic that was developed in a blog post that was absolutely from the cartographer and former Apple employee Justin O’Beirne at the end of last year.

Almost a year later, O’Beirne returned with another examination of Apple Maps compared to Google Maps. O’Beirne's report of particular interest this time because Apple, at WWDC, stated that the company was rebuilding Apple Maps from scratch with much more detail; even if the updated version of Apple Maps not yet available for most cities, O’Beirne took a look at how the updated navigation software in California looks and was impressed.

Apple Maps Review

From detailed images of vegetation to a noticeable increase in the shapes of buildings, the latest version of Apple Maps seems to have the potential to become a fearsome Google Maps rival. Interestingly, there are also areas where Apple maps show roads that Google Maps lacks. Of course, the looming question when Apple's updated mapping data will spread to all countries.

The latest version of Perfect Apple Maps? Probably not yet and there are obviously areas where Google Maps can overcome what Apple brings to the table. Still, Apple Maps has undoubtedly made great strides in the last 12 months.

That said, the entire piece of O’Beirne extraordinarily comprehensive and worth reading it in its entirety if you have interest in the cartography and in Apple's continuous effort to reach Google Maps.

Google Maps VS Apple Maps

Google Maps VS Apple Maps: now the challenge on equal terms. Apple maps have improved