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Google Maps now shows traffic in the surrounding area

With the new function it is not necessary to make the navigator suffer to find out how much traffic there is in the nearby streets


A new Waze style, the one that Google is adding to the Maps application. In fact, in the latest update of the Android version, a new function appears that makes it possible to find out the traffic situation in the nearby streets."Nearby traffic allows you to have a look at the sliding conditions of the roads near the position where you are": the novelty and its usefulness lie in the fact that the card available without having to enter the destination or having to activate the driving mode.

Recently, Google had announced, also for the Android version of the maps, the possibility of take advantage of voice commands, how to add stops during the journey (manual option on iOS), without having to take your hands off the wheel. In addition, the new shortcut "Traffic Nearby", which can be added to the home page, seems to constitute a further step compared to the option , already integrated in the navigator, which warns, while driving, that it has tracked a faster route. This type of advice, in the iOS version, comes with a push notification in a lower bar, and lasts a few seconds.

At the end of September, Google announced another integration for its Maps, that is, the possibility of seeing the events on the calendar directly from the application.


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