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Google Maps: a new feature for privacy (really useful)

Google maps new privacy function

In the new beta of Google Maps there is a new function for privacy: the automatic deletion of the chronology of the user's positions.

Google has released a new version of Google Maps for beta testers which includes various features that the company is considering making available for everyone in the future: among these, there is a brand new function related to the privacy that will allow to better manage the localization data.

Google Maps privacy

Last summer, investigations revealed that Google was monitoring and recording the users' position, even when they believed the feature was disabled and used various apps to do so, not just Google Maps. This is the type of privacy violation that the EU could punish with record fines, therefore, Google has every interest in improving user privacy in Google Maps, that is in the main app that requires access to the position.

Google maps new privacy function

Google Maps new privacy function

Of the code found in Google Maps 10.10 beta reveals that Google is considering the addition of the function of automatic elimination of the history of positions in the app, in addition to the functions present in the menu that allow you to delete the history of the positions from the app manually. It must be emphasized that this feature just discovered only in the testing phase at the moment, which means that we do not know when and if the final version of the function will arrive in the app. Google is going in the same direction of protecting users' privacy even in the online search by deleting the search history.

Google Maps location history automatically deleted

It is not clear how the new Location History function will work and how quickly it will erase the user's location data after using the app, but the code seems to indicate that you will be able to continuously delete the location history associated with the account and decide which part and how long to keep the chronology.

Google Maps 10.10 beta

Other features of Google Maps 10.10 beta include a new menu for personal events that will show annotations and travel suggestions from Google Calendar and reservations in Gmail, as well as a navigation feature that will allow you to preview and start the first or last leg of a trip. Then there are the new Google Maps to avoid speed cameras and fines.

How to download Google Maps Beta

To sign up for the Google Maps beta program, all you have to do is go to the app on the Play Store and follow the instructions. Here is the link on the Store for Android link: