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Google makes the Google Home and Home Mini available in Italy

Google makes the Google Home and Home Mini available in Italy

Google anticipates Apple and releases Google Home and Home Mini, the two smart speakers that finally work in Italian. They are available for pre-order on the official Mountain View store, with shipments scheduled for March 27. On eBay you can buy in the US version saving something.

After being exclusive to the USA and other international markets, the two intelligent Google speakers officially land in Italy, with a lot of presentation in these hours in Milan. In fact, in recent days even foreign peripherals were able to speak Italian, but only in these hours do they officially land on the Italian Google store. The smaller of the two, Google Home Mini, has a price of 59 euros and will be available in gray, silver and coral colors, while Google Home will have a list price of 149 euros.

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Both speakers, of course, have Google's voice assistant on board, and interact with numerous services, all listed in the official store, including Chromecast, both video and audio, Philips and others. The two speakers thus allow you to manage and automate numerous functions, such as listening to music, playing videos on TV, and more.

Google Home and Google Home Mini summarize the philosophy with which Google designed its hardware: these are simple and functional solutions, being able to help the user in countless daily activities. It will be possible to start the voice commands by simply saying "Ok Google".

Google home includes an integrated long excursion speaker, to provide crystal clear high tones and deep bass, by streaming music from platforms such as Google Play Music and Spotify. Even while listening to music it will be possible to start the "Ok Google" command, to be able to request, for example, to increase or decrease the volume, set a timer, take a reminder, turn the lights up or down in another room, and so on.

Google Home enters Italy together with Google Home Mini, even smaller and minimalist. Elegant and linear, without edges or edges, it preserves all the features of Google Home. It works on its own or even combined with other Google Mini scattered around the house, so you can have the Google Assistant in any room.

With a simple command, the user can play songs, playlists, artists and albums from the most popular music services, such as Google Play Music and Spotify. It will also be possible to listen to the radio through TuneIn and news from the news services available at the moment, including Corriere della Sera, Rep. Of La Repubblica, RMC, RTL 102.5, Sky News 24, Sky Sport, and TGCOM24. And even the speakers will provide the user with information on the next trip, upcoming commitments, traffic on the way to work and more. It will be possible to ask Google "How will my day be" to listen to useful information, from the weather conditions, to the daily route up to the events on the calendar, as well as a summary of the news from a source chosen from those available. In addition, the speakers will also help when asked to wake up in the morning, set timers in the kitchen and keep track of the shopping list.

At launch it will be possible to broadcast content from YouTube and Netflix, to which other content providers will be added over time. Google Home also allows you to control lights and switches of compatible home automation systems such as Philips Hue, TP Link, D Link, LIFX, Wemo, to which Nest thermostats and other partners will soon be added.

Google Home and Google Home Mini will be available in Italy for Euro 149 and Euro 59 respectively starting March 27, 2018 on the Google Store and at all authorized dealers, including Unieuro, Mediaworld, Euronics, and from April 3 at the Wind and 3. On eBay it is already possible to buy the different models from the US and other countries where the peripherals have been available for some time.

Macitynet at the moment at the presentation of Google Home in Milan. Further details and a demonstration video will follow.