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Google Home Hub is how the new smart display will look

Google Home Smart Display Hub

Google is preparing to launch some new hardware during its event on October 9th and in addition to the new Pixel there is great expectation for Google Home Hub

Apparently, Google is preparing to launch some new hardware during its October 9 event and some pretty precise information has been leaked about a new product that could be launched soon: Google Home Hub.

It was said that Google was working on its Smart Display, now we have images of the Google Home Hub and details on its price, at least for the US market, through a recent report by AndroidAuthority.

Google Home Smart Display Hub

The images leaked in preview of Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub: features and price

The device seems to be a Google Home style product characterized by its characteristic fabric, but with important differences.

In fact, the new object has one 7 inch screen is coster, at least in the United States, only $ 149, a bit cheaper, therefore, than the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display which is currently the cheapest option of its kind.

Thinking of the Lenovo model, Google has some interesting software for Smart Displays, but there are also some less well-chosen aspects, given that, in many cases, the fundamentally superfluous screen, not only in terms of design aesthetics, but also because it cannot transcend from the use of the voice, which makes it less useful, given that the vocal responses are largely sufficient. It could be interesting if Google introduced some specific interactions for the touch that allowed to perform more actions without speaking at all, otherwise the screen will always remain a little out of place and not very useful, as well as to see any YouTube videos or watch a slideshow of images, when you don't want to use a tablet or smartphone.

Google Home Hub: the software

What will be interesting to see, therefore, what the ad hoc software can bring to the device. The report on the leaked information indicates that the device will not have a camera like the other Smart Displays, which is a bit strange given that the main objective seemed to be to strengthen the Duo video call service, but, perhaps, Google seems to have made it. I realize that it might not be worth installing other expensive components, at the same time risking to insert dangerous elements for privacy.

If the declared price of $ 149 turns out to be accurate and Google opted to maintain the quality of the internal components that most of the partners' smart displays have, this new device could become interesting, even if not necessarily from everyday use. However, the choice of Google and the commercial reason for this product remains unclear and the project seems to leave room for the competitors of the great G to create something more useful and innovative in the short term.

Google Home Hub is expected to launch on October 9th

The quoted report seems quite valid and well founded, but it will still need to be done wait a couple more weeks to see what Google has in store for October 9th.

Google Home Smart Display Hub