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Google highlights data journalism content

data journalism google

Googlepunta on Data Journalism and collaborates with some publishers to facilitate the display of journalistic data in search results

Google is collaborating with some publishers to facilitate the display of journalistic content from data journalism in search results, as announced on the company blog here. one of the steps that the Google News Initiative is taking to make the data journalism more visible, given the rapid growth of this sector among the media. Many newsrooms have data and infographics journalists and this function aims to identify the most useful results from pages containing data tables.

Google and the Journalism data

"Data journalism takes many forms and it is not always clear from the title that there are potentially useful data within a document or a story", he wrote Simon Rogers of Google News Lab in the blog post. "It is not always easy for Google Search to detect and understand data tables to bring out the most relevant results. "

News organizations have the ability to add more structured data to let Google know which parts of their page that offer data are more relevant in search results. By adding this structured data to the existing HTML of their page, they will be able to control how the tables will be presented to readers during the search. One of the first sites to join the ProPublica initiative, which tested the functionality with its interactive databases such as the Nonprofit Explorer.

Google works data journalism

The data journalism function currently in the pilot phase, so the search results may not yet generate data sets frequently. Developers can examine how to make their datasets more visible here.

data journalism google