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Google Hangouts: the message bug has been officially fixed

The demonstration of the commitment and attention, with quick and always optimal solutions, that have made Google what today, occurred again in the case of Google Hangouts.

For the lucky ones who have not experienced the problem just know that during the week the Mountain Views giant with the latest update tried to reintroduce Google Talk, basic version and previous to Hangouts, for some models that were unable to enjoy the services of the new application, except to run into a curious bug.

All users who sent messages from Google Talk to any contact with Google Hangouts, saw these messages suddenly addressing other users, a problem that the Mountain Views giant immediately solved in a couple of days: the first to collect feedback from users and understand the exact dynamics of the error, the second to work on the codes and understand what did not work.

Google Apps-status

In the coming days, as always for each update, there will be a gradual release to provide the release free of this bug for both platforms, namely Google Talk and GoogleHangouts, as confirmed by the page dedicated to Google Apps in which it is possible to view the message announcing the resolution of the problem.

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