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Google Chrome: version 75 ready, here's the news

Google Chorme 75

Google Chrome has accustomed us to surprises. Chrome 74 recently available for all platforms and Chrome 75 ready in Beta. Here are the news!

Google Chrome now it has accustomed us to dynamism and continuous surprises.

From just one month Chrome 74 available for all desktop platforms supported by Windows, Linus and macOS operating systems and already Google ready to distribute Chrome 75 in Beta.

The first to be involved in the search engine upgrades are the developers, while only later will the new features appear for the user experience.

Google Chrome the most used search engine in the world, chosen for all the ancillary services offered by the company Google S.p.A, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and many others.Despite this undisputed primacy, they never stop trying to find better solutions to offer users.

Google Chorme 75

Google Chrome 75 news for everyone

Wondering why the Chrome 75 beta is already ready a month after the release of the 74 version?

Only a few days ago the competitor Mozilla launched the new version of firefox enhancing the features and pointing to the throne of Chrome.The response of the Californian company was not long in coming. They immediately unleashed their sleeves with the launch of the Beta version of Chrome 75, which increasingly aims to simplify the work of the developers, but which already announces great innovations also for the user experience.

The most interesting aspects of the new Chrome update are:

  • the service worker that appear independently in the processes of the Windows Task Manager. Thanks to them, web apps can send notifications and sync even if you are offline. With this remarkable change it will be easier to understand how many system resources are occupying.
  • On desktop i site isolation: serves to reduce the consequences of the Specter vulnerability. Until the previous version it was possible to disable the functionality but since all the problems have been solved, Google has removed the option on all operating systems except on Android.
  • Thanks to the new ones API Web Share Level 2 You can share files between the web and the app.
  • Web Authentication API been improved.
  • There dark mode Chrome Android it was simply given the name; Themes.
  • Additional options for web animations available to developers

New features are still under development, but let's say that already with these first 7 improved in-app experience and increased security.

There are good premises for Google to keep the throne, if something happens, we'll keep you updated.