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Google can turn off the smartphone of teenagers who use it too much

google can turn off your smartphone

The application of Google dedicated to parental control is enriched with functions: now parents can turn off their children's smartphone remotely.

Incoming new features that help parents manage children who abuse their smartphone: here's what's new Google Family Link.

google can turn off your smartphone

How many times has dinner been ready but the boys of the house continue to carefree fiddling with their smartphone? I do not take care of: conversations on WhatsApp, scrolls on Facebook or Instagram, interactive toys or videos on YouTube often prevail over requests of parents.

And if it were possible to block the phone, so as to get the attention of the disobedient teenager once and for all? Google finally makes it possible by adding interesting features to an already existing creature: it's called Family Link, and soon it will turn out to be a godsend for all parents exasperated by technology.

Family Link also for teenagers

The application made by Google was launched last year with important features to help parents control the flow of content and determine whether or not it was suitable for use by children. The application allows you to manage the installation of the app on the device of a child under 13, but also of set precise usage times and monitor how long the child passes attached to the smartphone screen, plus the possible payments made through applications and games that include in-app purchases.

Today to all these fantastic options is added the possibility of lock your smartphone remotely incriminated, and also to manage children over the age of 13 with prior consent, thus avoiding the risk of smartphone addiction starting from a digital re-education.

This last point could make parents turn a little nasty, which, in the case of denied consent, could not in any way treasure the services of Google Family Link. In fact, Google itself explains that it is important to provide upstream awareness in the use of such devices even for children over the age of 13, and to present this type of device as a privilege and not as an acquired right, as brilliantly observed by TechCrunch.

When the adolescent is able to perceive this, it will be easier for the parent to request and obtain parental control consent, in the name of the child's good. Once the authorization is given, the parent will be able to control the type of applications installed, know the time of use of the device and use all the other functions mentioned above, in addition to being able to lock the device in question at a distance.

It will be enough to pronounce the magic words Hey Google to your Android smartphone, lock Giulia's smartphone and in a span of 5 minutes the device will be temporarily unusable: all the time necessary for the child to complete his activities and turn his attention elsewhere. Family Link, in fact, it will benefit from the integration with Google Assistant, so that the task of eliminating the distraction source will be entrusted to the digital assistant.

Furthermore, once the authorization is given, if the minor decides to disable the function, the smartphone will be blocked for 24 hours.