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Google buys companies for advertising on mobile devices

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Google buys companies for advertising on mobile devices – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Important step by Google for conquering the advertising market in the mobile sector. The great 'G' has in fact announced tonight that it has reached an agreement for the purchase of AdMob, the most important company in the world for the banner service on pocket devices.

The acquisition of AdMob, 50 employees based in San Mateo, 125 billion advertisements served to date, does not sound like a surprise given the recent signals sent by Google. During some meetings with analysts, the CEO Eric Schmidt had indicated the world of mobility as one of the fastest growing segments in the Internet research business (+ 30%); the strategic interest for mobile devices by Google also confirmed by the investments made in Android. According to eMarketer, the mobile advertising business could reach 416 million dollars in 2009, 0.4% of the total world advertising expenditure.

Google is already present in the field of mobility, but mainly operates by providing advertisements related to searches made in browsers. With AdMob, the Californian company will also find spaces in the banners served by the Web pages and in the growing field of applications supported by advertising, especially popular in iPhones. According to several observers, it could be the world of developers for Apple's mobile phone that has been touched more closely by the acquisition.

The agreement provides for Google to pay $ 750 million. The initialling of the contract must be validated by the competent authorities; the leaders of the Internet giant, putting their hands ahead of any possible dispute, underline the dynamism of competition in the sector, the acquisitions made by the competition and the benefits that would derive from the incorporation for end users, advertisers and developers of applications supported by advertising banners .

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