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Google bought ReMail

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Google bought ReMail –

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Google has bought ReMail, a company that develops software for iPhone or iPod Touch (now removed from the AppStore) and that allows you to download mail from a Gmail account and perform complete text searches offline (without needing to be connected to the Internet) on messages.

Compared to the Mail application included as standard with the iPhone OS, reMail, allowed to perform full-text searches, view the search history, made available Boolean operators such as not, or, etc. Gabor Cselle, the developer of the program, announced on his blog that Google has purchased the software and he has been hired by the Gmail team. It remains to be seen what Google wants to do with the software: if it will be republished under a different name or if it will exploit the technology for use on other platforms.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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