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Google Arts and Culture turns selfies into iconic works of art

Google vi trasforma i selfie in opere d’arte iconiche

There are really many applications in the App Store that use filters to turn photos into works of art. This is thanks to filters that use watercolor techniques, for example, or the increase in contrasts and colors. Now, thanks to Google, it is possible to renew your photos and transform portraits into iconic works of art.

Art Transfer a new feature of the app Google Arts & Culture which allows you to apply the characteristics of famous paintings to your photos, from the bold swirls of Vincent van Gogh to the surreal brushstrokes of Frida Kahlo. powered by an algorithmic model that does not just merge images or superimpose photos, but returns a unique result of the image, inspired by the specific artistic style chosen. Moreover, everything happens directly on the device, without therefore sending images to the cloud.

Google turns selfies into iconic works of art

To try it, simply open the camera menu in the Google Arts & Culture app and choose the "Art Transfer" option. You can take or select a photo, then scroll through dozens of masterpieces to choose the desired style to use. Using the scissors icon you can also select which parts of the image you want to apply the style to.

Google turns selfies into iconic works of art

We also remind you that Google Arts & Culture allows you to appreciate numerous works of art from your smartphone; a virtual tour of the museums, just in this period of quarantine, can only be of help.

And in fact, Google Arts & Culture offers thousands of online resources to consult, art collections to discover, curiosities related to the research and projects of architects, directors, writers, photographers and creatives. At this time when for the provisions for the containment of the Coronavirus it is not possible to access museums or travel, Google Arts & Culture a cultural resource not to be underestimated to continue to train your curiosity or devote yourself to your interests.

Google Arts & Culture is free to download on both iOS and Android.