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Google and Rim, two competing iPad tablets coming soon?

Google and Rim, two competing iPad tablets coming soon? –

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Google and Rim, Apple's two main rivals on the American smartphone market, are preparing to release a tablet. Rumors about two competing iPad devices are relaunched from two different sources: the New York Times for the Google device and some analysts regarding the Rim device.

The source of the New York Times would be some people present at a private meeting who would have received the information directly from Eric Schmidt, Google CEO. The goal would be to create a device very similar to iPad capable of distributing books, magazines, newspapers and different types of multimedia content. Obviously he will also be able to go on the Internet and use all the online features of Google services, from e-mail to Apps. The rumors on a "Big G" tablet are certainly not new, what is new that this device would be based on the Android project and not on Chrome Os and some prototypes are already in the hands of some publishers who are experimenting with its functionality .

As for Rim, the clues, collected as mentioned by some analysts, rebound from the east. Foxconn, one of Apple's partners, is said to be receiving 8.9-inch screens to build a device for the Canadian company. In this case, the most confusing indiscretion as it is not said that the component, although suitable for a tablet, is actually intended for a product similar to iPad. Crackberry, which first launched the indiscretion, believes for example that the hypothesis of an accessory device for Blackberries is not to be excluded. In any case Rim to launch an iPad should overcome many more obstacles than those that arise in front of Google, from a more modern operating system to advanced touch technologies that have not yet been implemented in Blackberry devices.

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