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Google adds the password to protect in-app purchases

Google adds the password to protect in-app purchases

Google updates its Play Store so that parents, for example, can request that a password be entered every time someone wants to make a purchase in the market.

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Google has updated his Play Store with an option which allows you to request that one be entered password every time someone wants to buy virtual goods in a game or application. In this way the coronary (and the wallet) of each parent can stay safe. Because Google is not completely unknown to the parents' parents who see themselves running out of their children to be able to buy new lives or applications on the Play Store.

In fact, earlier this week, a woman from New York filed a lawsuit a class-action against Google as irritated by the discovery that her 5-year-old boy, playing Marvel Run Jump Smash, had made a purchase for a figure around 70 dollars. Another previous Federal Trade Commission complaint, this time versus Apple and its App Store, revealed that a woman's daughter had paid $ 2600 while playing "Tap Pet Hotel" and that other children had paid more than $ 500 in the Dragon Story and Zoo Friends.Apple apps solved the complaint with a figure of around $ 32.5 million in repaymentsto customers.

The phenomenon has also attracted the attention of regulatory authorities in Europe. The European Commission said recently that it wants investigate games that can be downloaded for free. But don't worry: with the password at your disposal, your children's purchases will be checked and you will not have to worry about the money that is charged to you on your credit cards.


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