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Goodbye to blobs, even Google emojis will be round

(Foto: Google)

The emojis within the Android operating system change their face: they will become more similar to those used within the other software

(Photo: Google)

There were several names from the world of technology that celebrated yesterday on the World Emoji Day, the birthday of the veneers that we use every day on trucks on social networks and instant messaging platforms. Facebook for example has released statistics on the most used emojis within its products while Apple, through the number one Tim Cook, celebrated the anniversary taking a peek at the icons that the group is in the pipeline for adhering to the Unicode 10 standard finalized in recent weeks.

Google opted for a more drastic gesture: thegoodbye to its iconic blob-shaped smiley set used on Android, in favor of a catalog more similar to that used in the other apps and in the operating system of Apple's opponents. The Mountain View house greeted his emojicons with a farewell letter on his blog worthy of the end of a love story, but the decision was not sudden; the group had already announced in May that it would update its historical set to make it more practical to update and reproduce, but also to conform to the opposing products and minimize misunderstandings between those who use one system and those who use the other.

(Photo: Google)

Not even the actual change will be immediate: the new emojis will only take over within the next version of Androidthus leaving the current smartphone owners in the company of the old blobs until they buy a gadget with the new operating system (or update their own, if the update ever arrives). In the meantime, the engines of the new one that is advancing already rejoice, while the fans of the old set are heartbroken: for them, the only possibility to review the old blobs within a Google product will be installing the not really used messaging app Allo. The company has announced that its old emojis will continue to live on its platform in the form of an additional sticker package.


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