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Go-Pro 2. Adventure HD

Go-Pro 2. Adventure HD

New features for the Go-pro, the camera becomes more sensitive in the dark, with 16: 9 format and shooting angles from 90 to 170 degrees.

High definition in motion. Go-pro has always been a point of reference for those who want to make adventurous videos in full HD. The applications of this small, light and quality video camera are endless. Not only can it be mounted on bikes, motorcycles, boats, helmets of various kinds to make sports videos, but creatives have found endless uses for it. Attached to helicopters or radio-controlled aircraft for extraordinary aerial shots, or even placed on the tip of a rod fishing gear for making dolly type machine movements. Now Go-Pro offers version 2, with 1080p resolution, 16: 9 shooting format, three possible shooting amplitudes: 90 degrees, 127 degrees and 170 degrees. The new Go-pro has a mini-Hdmi port, a composite video output, the slot for an SD card and the Hero port, to facilitate recording in different modes. In the coming months the WiFi BacPac will also be available, which will allow live broadcasting and control of all the camera functions via WiFi. The price, on the American market, of 300 dollars.

The Go-Pro 2