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GlobeTrotter GPRS, a PC card for connection anywhere, anytime

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It is a GPRS PC-card modem, the first such proposal on the market, which incorporates the circuitry necessary to operate on the European GSM network (which resounds on 900-1800 MHz) and on the American PCS (1900 MHz), as well as to provide a GPRS connection, for a high speed internet connection.

"Anytime, anywhere", says the Teutonic company, advertising it, and in fact the technical characteristics of the card are such as to make it very interesting for a wide range of users. A few square centimeters are substituted for flying connection cables between computer and mobile phone, BlueTooth antennas and infrared receivers, all to the advantage of portability.

The Nova Media GPRS PC Card Modem, not only (and finally) declaredly compatible with the Macintosh, unlike similar products that were made to work with gabions and thrusting, but even works with MacOS X 10.1.5 (also by virtue of the new drivers for the PC-card modem supplied with the latest update) and, of course, MacOS 9. The device is one of the few that support the 4 + 2 mode (4 channels for download and 2 for upload), with a speed maximum of 52,800 bits / s in download. In addition, on the pages of the website of the manufacturing company, there is also the possibility of downloading a technical sheet, in pdf format, which summarizes its characteristics.

The cost of the GlobeTrotter card of 399 Euros is immediately available. In parallel, we also report a version of the same board for PC-Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / NT 4 and XP, which in addition, compared to the Macintosh model, has the simultaneous operation of the GSM and GPRS channels and the use of the headset.