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GimmeSomeTune 3.7, we extend iTunes controls and features

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GimmeSomeTune 3.7, we extend iTunes controls and features logomacitynet1200wide 1

If the information and support provided by iTunes do not meet your needs, you will not have to miss the 3.7 version of GimmeSomeTune, an application that integrates with Apple's multimedia software, providing new functionality and extending them.

The application allows you to view and configure a series of useful parameters for those who would always like to have information about the music they are listening to in front of their eyes, as well as an agile series of controls (direct and not) on iTunes commands.

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We summarize the most important aspects of the latest version of the program:

  • Presence of a translucent window, containing information on the songs being played, and a window for viewing and editing the texts;
  • Ability to use various keyboard shortcuts to control iTunes, as an alternative to the classic control bar;
  • Ability of the program to search the internet for album covers and song lyrics, and to add them automatically;
  • Wide possibility to customize the configuration, according to your personal needs;
  • Synchronization of the opening and closing of GimmeSomeTune with the opening and closing of iTunes;
  • Support with iChat for viewing the songs being listened to;
  • Presence of a new menu dedicated to recent plays;
  • Presence of a "mini controller" to have iTunes always at hand;
  • Compatibility with iTunes version 7.2;

GimmeSomeTune 3.7 in donation-ware version. You can download it from the Eternal Storms Software website and make a donation if the product satisfies you.

The application available in Universal Binary and requires Mac Os X 10.3.9 or later and iTunes version 6.0 or later.

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