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Gigaset Elements, the all-round security solution for the Smart Home

gigaset elements

Safety, protection, reliability: these are the objectives of Gigaset Elements, new family of sensors and technological devices designed for the safety of living and working spaces of all sizes. The name of the solution itself suggests the modularity of the sensor systems: with them you can easily control every entrance to a home or office and any movement inside it.

Gigaset elements is presented in three versions: S, M and L compared to the size of the environment to be protected. Obviously the various versions are expandable thanks to the connection of numerous other elements.gigaset elements, photo sensors and alarms gigaset elements

Gigaset elements S a system designed to protect small spaces. The kit consists of the base station, a door sensor, a motion detector and a siren alarm. Also included are the cloud service and the Gigaset elements app.

The base station, connected to the router, so to the internet, the heart, the brain and the control unit of the entire Gigaset Smart Home system. All other sensors in the elements system connect to it.

The base station, based on the ULE-Dect standard, easy to install and to record and safely manages the data of all the connected sensors. These data are saved in the cloud via a router and are sent to the connected smartphone through the free Gigaset elements app. The smartphone has the function of remote control of the entire system.

gigaset elements, photo sensors and alarms gigaset elements

Elements door the door sensor that records when and how often the door is opened and closed. Releases information, for example, if the expected babysitter has arrived and was on time. But it also records attempts at unwanted entries. In the event of violent opening, the alarm sounds immediately while in the case of normal opening, the system simply records the movement and informs the system. Additional elements doors are available to extend the system to other rooms.

Elements motion instead a motion sensor that can be freely placed in the space to be monitored and sends a signal to the connected smartphone as soon as it detects a movement. Installation takes place without cables and without tools. It does not react to movements caused by pets weighing up to about 25 kg, therefore the medium-sized dog and of course the house cat can walk around undisturbed.

Elements siren the voice of the whole system. The siren emits a very loud sound which cannot be ignored as soon as the system records an unauthorized attempt to access the protected environment. At the same time, the information is forwarded to the registered smartphone, so that the owner can take all the necessary actions, even remotely. The audible alarm can be deactivated when not at home also via the Gigaset elements app.

As we said, Gigaset elements is also proposed in the larger sizes M and L which differ from the S by adding two window sensors (the M) and an internal WiFi camera (the L).

Similarly to the door sensor, the window sensor also detects all programmed and non-programmed openings of windows and French doors. The entire range also includes smoke, water and universal detectors, smart sockets and wireless buttons. The latter allows you to control the alarm system without your smartphone. It can be programmed using the Gigaset elements app and allows the control of multiple devices also individually.

Gigaset Elements available on the official website at a price of 199 Euros for Gigaset Elements S, 279 Euros for Gigaset Elements M and 399 Euros for Gigaset Elements L. They are also available at a discounted price on Amazon Italy.