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GHz race at photo finish, skyrocketing prices

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But how much will it cost and to whom will machines with such fast processors be used? A legitimate question, given that the computers on the market today seem to be able to satisfy most of the needs of the users of the PC world. The price response can be deduced from the cost of the current high-end chips that are around $ 850 . A 1 GHz chip could, therefore, be marketed at $ 1000 a piece when produced in large quantities. Which would project the cost of a CPU with average endowments and monitors around $ 4,000, more than 8 million lire, a figure already very high for the Wintel world. But big producers, like Dell or HP that could introduce very gifted systems in terms of HD, RAM and peripherals seem to be intending to present models even from $ 5,000 that would rise again if the Ram were of the Rambus type, a proprietary technology of Intel . At this point it seems really difficult, even if HP and Dell, the first to have supplies from Intel, that machines with 1 GHz chips can see the light in the channels and in the consumer segment before the second half of this year. The primary target should in fact be the server or business sector directly or indirectly linked to hardware and software development. These segments are supplied directly by the manufacturers with machines specially prepared at the request of customers. The number of 1 GHz chips initially available on the market would be so low as to prevent manufacturers from getting out of this niche even if some "showcase" CPUs could appear somewhere at retailers and distributors. Totally to exclude that 1 GHz chip can be found on the channels for the assembled sector and for small producers. But the small quantity does not seem to alarm analysts who expect that even if there will not be enough chips on the market, high prices will be taken care of to "clean up". Very expensive lists will correspond to low requests, so the limited initial supplies may be sufficient.