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Ghost car traffic, Google Maps deceived with 99 smartphones

Google Maps has been tricked

Simone Wecker managed to simulate a car congestion in the streets of Berlin by mocking the famous map app

Google Maps has been tricked. Or rather mocked. From the idea of ​​a German artist,Simone Weckert, which dragged a trolley containing dozens of smartphones with the active location service through the streets of Berlin. What have you managed to create? Basically a ghost car traffic. Weckert has definitely made fun of technology.

Traffic ghost car

Weckert managed to create phantom, virtual auto traffic using99 smartphones and a small trolley.Who dragged himself around the streets ofBerlinwith the GPS tracker on, thus sending a series of impulses to the Mountain View servers that have deceived the famous Google navigation service, prompting it to report traffic where in reality there is not the slightest shadow.

By detecting so many cell phones going at walking pace, Google Maps received the information believing there was traffic in the streets actually completely deserted. All of a sudden the Berlin streets marked by the bright green of the green light appeared in the app with the red fire of the most congested traffic.

After his passage, Berlin had a completely different face and to complete the joke the man thought to arrive until the German headquarters of the American giant.

Google Maps been fooled, Big G's answer

Google Maps has been tricked

Weckert's experiment, which for the artist in fact an interactive installation, a real art form, has been renamedGoogle Maps Hacks,literally the tricks of Google Maps. Google's response was not long in coming, to which the story has not escaped, who commented with great serenity: "Whether it's a car, a cart or a camel we like to seecreative uses of Google Maps,because they help us improve. " Also underlining that the app generally uses different sources for its information, not only Maps but also other geolocated services.