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Getting to know friends online: the evolution of messaging

Getting to know friends online: the evolution of messaging

"Hello, where do you type?": This was the phrase with which a conversation was started in the chats of the historic IRC (Internet Relay Chat) system servers. From the 90s to today, the chat system, or conversations via digital systems connected to the global network, has come a long way.

How did new friends chat in the 90s?

When using systems like IRC, or even before Videotel, making new friends was relatively simple. The software was accessed in a channel, also called a "room", and the screen was divided into two parts: from one there was a list of people who were online at that moment, on the other, the main one, with it was the text, which ran from bottom to top, containing the sentences written by those people.Get to know friends online

When you wanted to talk to a particular person, to avoid getting lost in a thousand topics fired on the main screen, a private conversation was opened, in another screen or window, and you kept chatting in private.

In this mode friendships were made and love was born, but also game groups or simply a chat on the most disparate topics.

It is natural to think that those who used these systems had the objective of meeting new people or continuing to have a chat with people they met through them.

The advent of ICQ, C6, MSN Messenger and the like

A first step towards the "personalization" of chats was done with the creation and dissemination of "messengers", software that was installed on their PCs and connected to the network every time you turned on your computer and accessed the Internet.

These little programs had dual modes of use: they had "rooms" like their predecessors and a list of contacts to access private chats directly.

Among the various innovative features brought by these tools there was the possibility to see when a contact was online, so available to chat, and emoticons! Finally it was possible to externalize, with small images, one's own emotions linked to sentences to give them greater emphasis or express themselves in a more imaginative way than text-only chats and textual signs.

Like the previous systems, however, these messengers had an internal search engine and, therefore, you could look for new people to get to know from anywhere in the world. Everyone had their own method but with everyone, good or bad, you could find people to chat with who shared our interests.

Both generations of chat tools were used, mostly, by men and women who frequently used at least one computer, so users were, relatively, limited to that kind of people.

The era of Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, Facebook and other platforms

With the evolution of mobile phones, even chat rooms have evolved and transformed.

One of the most used Facebook followed, if not even, by Whatsapp. Even the way of chatting is transformed: while previously the chats were in use between computer and technology enthusiasts and were mainly used to meet new people, mobile messengers have, on the one hand, expanded the user base but have changed, at least partially, the type of use: today you chat with people you already know, you already have contacts or you know, at least, the phone number.

Applications like Whatsapp, for example, connect to a mobile number. For this reason, a type of messaging that people mostly use with existing friends or contacts whose phone numbers they already have. At first it was used to send messages instead of text messages to save a bit of money, then its use was expanded with voice messages, emoticons, phone calls and more.

But if I wanted to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or other chat systems to meet new people, is it possible? how can this be done?

Notice board to chat

Wandering around the web, we came across a website that attracted our curiosity that allows us to meet friends online.

Let's talk about "Contact Exchange" (, a very simple tool to use, which you just need to access via browser and leave an announcement, free of charge, with your contact details.

The announcement that you can write free and as big as you want, the important thing is to leave some requested data: your email address, the province where you live (the optional city), sex and, of course, your announcement.Get to know friends online 1

You can insert, in the appropriate fields, your contacts of the platforms you use or want to use for this purpose. You can choose between: Skype, Whatsapp (leaving the phone number connected to it), Kik, WeChat, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the most outspoken of all, namely Trombamicacercasi (website to learn about the so called "Friend with benefit" to English).

Being in effect a virtual bulletin board, as well as leaving your ad you can, of course, read those of other people and contact who you prefer on one of the platforms of which they have left the contact.

The announcements are divided by sex or by platform. Let's take an example: if you prefer to use Facebook to chat, you can click the "Facebook Contacts" item from the "Subdivide by platform" menu and you will see all the announcements of the people who have left as contact, among others, that of this social.

Within this page you can further filter, not flirt … the one at most comes next :), between "males" and "females". In each announcement you will find, in addition to the contact of which we have just spoken, the message that the person left, the province of domicile and the date when it was published.

You can imagine "Contact Exchange" also as a sort of global address book, not just by phone. There are those who prefer to increase their contacts on Facebook messaging, those who want to be followed and exchange messages, related to precise photographs or images on Instagram. There are also those people who prefer to have more direct contacts and therefore leave their telephone number connected to Whatsapp, with which to start a chat session and then maybe, who knows, meet up live or feel on the phone.

Whatever your favorite way to meet other people, we think this is a perfect tool and, above all, simple and intuitive to use. No registration required, mail to wait for approval to start using the site or enter lots of personal data. Very simply log in, browse through the ad pages, as we explained above, and, if you like, leave your ad.