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Getac V110, enhanced Getac V110 rugged convertible notebook

Getac v110

Getac enhances its Getac V110 rugged convertible notebook to increase utilities productivity. It offers fast and secure data transfer and increased workflow efficiency for front-line service professionals

Getac enhances its rugged rugged V110 convertible notebook to increase utilities' productivity. Getac V110 offers fast and secure data transfer and greater workflow efficiency for service professionals working on the front line

The Getac V110 rugged convertible notebook designed to promote greater productivity and flexibility for field service professionals whose industries are experiencing increasing digitalization.

Rowina Lee, Vice President of the Global Sales & Business Development Center of Getac Technology Corporation comments: Service companies urgently need to reduce costs, react faster to problems, improve operational efficiency, inform customers in real time and comply with increasingly stringent safety and environmental standards. Digital transformation strategies based on mobile solutions are able to offer the necessary flexibility, efficiency and reactivity to significantly improve the productivity of field workers and the commitment to customers. Getac has designed the V110 to respond in real time to these needs, thus equipping workers with reliable, robust and always-on devices, able to support them all day long in a wide range of tasks.

Getac v110

Getac V110 the technical characteristics

The Getac V110 has reliability and power necessary to perform a series of tasks efficiently during an internal shift. also equipped with the latest Intel processors (IntelKaby Lake Core i5 or i7), which provide enhanced computing performance, the use of more efficient energy and long-life batteries that can be replaced during operation for uninterrupted use. In this way, service companies will be able to accept a greater number of tasks, carry them out more quickly and provide better service to customers.

Today the collection and exchange of data is growing exponentially with the booming of meter readings, error reports, GIS mapping, image processing and time and activity monitoring needs. Everything made us easier from the eight megapixel rear camera of the Getac V110, which allows workers to quickly capture some examples of asset and component management or infrastructure maintenance. As workers must be continuously connected, the V110's proprietary antenna is designed to provide outstanding 4G LTE WWAN wireless connectivity in the field that, combined with USB PowerShare 3.0 and a series of input ports, allows for faster download speeds and lowering plus dependence on paper forms. The V110 notebook can also be docked in vehicles and the device includes a Tri Pass Through coupling for simultaneous connection to high-gain WWAN, WLAN and GPS mounted antennas on field vehicles.

Getac v110

The protection of operational and infrastructure data of customers is fundamental for every service company and therefore the V110 includes a series of security features, including authentication of both Intel and Microsoft and smart card readers. Startup monitoring and device protection (with TPM 2.0) ensure that it is not tampered with before leaving control to the operating system. BitLocker, on the other hand, protects data in moments of inactivity, during use and in mobility.

The professionals in the field of the service sector often work in hostile environments, for example in underground environments, in extreme climatic conditions, in the dark, at night, and the technology needs to function without interruption in any condition. The V110 offers the flexibility to be used as a tablet or notebook, depending on the needs of the job. Its standard size keyboard is ideal for writing reports, emails and ordering components, while the 11.6-inch LumiBond touch screen that can be read in sunlight can be operated with fingers, pen, gloves and even in the rain and guarantees the visibility of the screen even in the most extreme of conditions. The devices for field work must withstand falls, vibrations, spillage of liquids and extreme temperatures, therefore the V110 guaranteed against water, dust ingress, falls (from a maximum of 1.5 meters) and at a temperature between – 21C and 60 C (IP65 certified and also compliant with military standards MIL-STD 810G and MIL-STD 461G).

The new Getac V110 offers complete mobile applications that help service workers in their daily tasks, bringing them closer to the goal of digitization. Getac also offers continuous assistance for its devices, the standard Bumper to Bumper warranty covers not only failures, but also damages and guarantees the product for 3 years.

Getac v110