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Gestweb KeyCorporate: access to the network under control

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Gestweb, a Brescia-based company that develops network technologies, after the introduction of ChildKey (which we presented to you last year) for the identification and protection of minors surfing the Internet, has developed a product that acts to all field and especially manageable by system administrators locally.Keycorporate, a tool for Internet access and control of corporate or school internal navigation (in this case called Keystudent), unique in its kind in the Macintosh environment and operating with Mac OS X and X servers.

Keycorporate / Keystudent in practice a very powerful and malleable engine to create dynamic filters for accessing the Web from computer networks: it is possible, within the company or educational institution, to keep under control (in absolute compliance with the rules that they relate to employment relationships and privacy) the rules of access to the Web. It is therefore possible to filter the type of website requested, the times of use during the day, by those who are requested to visit a site and organize the modalities of use of the organization (decide whether to allow, block or manage user requests) with a series of categories that are growing with the various versions and with the possibility of also generating a graphical statistics of the various operations.

The first solution of this type was introduced by Gestweb in 1998 with the product ChildKey ( And in 2002 the company released the first version of Keycorporate capable of running on any Java platform (Solaris, Linux ): the one presented in Paris in the first few days of this kind on Mac and is enjoying great interest from public and private operators.

We were able to verify the ease of use and the potential of the application at the GestWeb stand: this is undoubtedly a mature product that can also be used by novice "administrators". The interface in perfect aqua style, the possibility of creating groups of users, the discrete filtering parameters both at the input and the output allow to establish a priori a profile of use of the access linked also to the single location that accesses the network with the relative passwords and logins required at launch of the browser. The use in many business realities ranges from allowing use only to certain servers in the service of the work activity, to the limitation of the download of multimedia files (think of MP3 or to the Divx) which would remove bandwidth from the normal exchange of files for business use. A further control capacity is also referred to the times that allow changing the user profile depending on the position during the day: this enables administrator to manage different users with differentiated access to the workstations (think of a school that does day and evening activities) or i adjust the activities according to the band needed in the various hours of the day.

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