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Gentes Gud's comic on iPhone and touch is a charity at CESVI

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Gentes Gud's comic on iPhone and touch is a charity at CESVI –

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On the App Store, the digital version of the Gud Gentes comic is available: the operation, made possible by the collaboration between Tunu and Enhanced Press, offers the full version of Gud's comic book, always available thanks to the iPhone and touch, combining it with the app an interesting humanitarian initiative. The launch of Gentes on the App Store takes place in conjunction with the World Water Day: the proceeds from the sale of Gentes is donated, for the part intended for developers, entirely to charity to Cesvi, an Italian humanitarian organization that operates worldwide to deal with any type of emergency.

In the Gentes application we find all the stories from Gud's original book, accompanied by audio and musical effects. Gentes tells the vicissitudes of the world around us observed by an external eye, for example we remember the story of Erminio Prataroli, the mischievous child who wants to be "the patient" when he grows up, again the story Merde, who accompanies the reader among the thousand vicissitudes * and the encounters * that can happen along the way on a sidewalk. Gentes a comic that makes you laugh, but that always combines laughter with a cynical and ironic reflection.

To ensure maximum transparency in the charity operation, the official Apple sales data regarding the GENTES comic will be published on the Enhanced Press portal. This data will always be kept up to date with the passage of time: every transfer made after each apple invoice will be published on the site.

Gentes available on the App Store for only 79 cents.

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