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Geiger counters with Mac OS X

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It will not happen at all to have to measure the amount of radiation emitted by a source, but, having to do so, the programmers of Black Cat Systems have created a driver for Mac OS X that allows the interfacing of their Geiger meters GM-10 and GM -45 through the USB port.

The two detectors, costing 180 and 350 US dollars respectively, can measure alpha, beta, gamma radiation plus those emitted by x-rays. Furthermore, both models have small dimensions, are easily transportable and simple to use; the more expensive version said to be 25 times more sensitive than the other, in measuring alpha and beta radiation.

The list of most frequently asked questions also cites how traditional Mac OS from 7.6 to 9.2 can also be used, and, to remedy the lack of USB ports, on older computers, the company suggests using the Keyspan USB Twin adapter Serial Adapter, tested and guaranteed to work.