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GDC2010 – Sony launches Playstation Move, "natural" controller

Coster less than $ 100, controller, subcontroller, camera and a game. Will arrive in the fall. It will be Sony's answer to the overwhelming power of Nintendo and its Wii, which has dominated the market for a long time with the intuition that not the power of the hardware but the innovativeness of the WiiMote controller that made the difference.

In San Francisco, in a special evening organized by Sony Computer Entertainment America on the sidelines of the gigantic Game developer conference fair underway at the Moscone Center (both the north and south pavilions), Sony presented its awaited revolution. For some time, previews and rumors have been circulating about this new technology which represents half of the bet on the future of Playstation 3, the console in ever faster recovery in the video game market after being the most expensive and the least purchased compared to the competition of Xbox 360 and the Wii. Now comes Playstation Move.

The Playstation Move controller apparently similar to that of Nintendo, but in reality it presents a different technology and a potentially even more innovative charge. In essence: four elements: a video camera (Playstation Eye, also sold separately for some time), two "pieces" of controllers, the main one and a secondary one (similar to the Nintendo nunchacko, without wires, which is used to manage the analog command for example in subjective shooter games) and modifications to existing games to allow the use of this new set of commands.

There are always the four "magic" buttons (triangle, cross, circle and square) of the Sony controller, but in addition other ways of managing the control knob also appear. It is in fact based on an illuminated plastic sphere, with a LED technology that makes it easier to recognize by the camera, thus able to position the Move in space. Accelerometer and inclination sensor allow you to understand if there is rotation or movement, giving what in our test with various games was the most realistic 3D experience of all the "motion gaming" controls so far tested on the market.

Playstation Move half of Sony's bet, explained the world's top managers of the Japanese company met by Macity at the conference last night. In fact, the other announcement of a few days ago relating to the possibility of soon having games in three dimensions for PS3 and of being able to see them on all televisions, or especially those prepared according to international standards (Sony, Samsung and LG are among the first to have presented the first devices of this type, which Korean houses have already been marketing for a couple of months). The integration between these two worlds, 3D and natural interface, constitutes Sony's bet to bring to Playstation 3 a potentially even wider audience than Nintendo for its Wii, given the strong propensity for surfing the net, home automation and act as media center of the console equipped with Blu-ray and hard disk produced by the Japanese company.

In the next few hours we will also see what the state of the art of video game development is and what the opinions of the developers regarding these innovations, and the other news that are happening in these hours in San Francisco. For now, an official Sony video on YouTube to be able to see Move at work.