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Gates "slow iMac (at boot). Tié, tié e tié … "

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Gates "slow iMac (at boot). You, and you …"

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Gates is witty and perhaps to console himself for the recent troubles with American justice en iorse to try to awaken the audience of his always very exciting shows, he puts the iMac in the middle. The occasion was the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) whose inaugural speech made by the founder of Microsoft, in part focused on the challenges facing the computers of the future. "There are two crucial aspects – said Gates – the complexity of the hardware and the time a machine boots (? NDR). Microsoft has addressed this second aspect with Windows Me that will be able to boot in just 25 seconds. " Gates, as a term of comparison, pointed out that the PlayStation starts in 33 seconds and an iMac, on average, in 1 minute and 10 seconds. "We wanted to bring one here and do a test before you, but there would be no time," said Bill Gates touching what, presumably, was one of the highlights of his show in terms of brilliance. We leave readers to judge as it is really important in terms of user experience the start-up time of a machine, here we limit ourselves to pointing out that to say that an iMac does a start-up in more time than WindowsMe means practically nothing. The start-up times, as Gates knows, depend on factors that are correlated with the Os, but that can also be totally separated from it. For example, most likely, WindowsMe on a Pentium 100 could take up to 3 minutes to boot up and the same iMac operating system, on the G4 / 500 we are using right now starts up in about 20 seconds.

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