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Gates beats Ellison

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Gates beats Ellison logomacitynet1200wide 1

Bill Gates still the richest man in the world. The top position is guaranteed to him in the most recent ranking in Forbes despite the crisis in the IT world that has brutally ousted a substantial list of "rich" from the top places. Larry Ellison also pays for the slowdown in the economy. The "leader" of Oracle only a few months ago was even at the top of the ranking of American multimillionaires (although for Forbes he was always second) while now he is sailing only in fourth place in the ranking preceded by Warre Buffet and the former vice-Gates Paul Allen that third. Ellison's assets are now "only" 25 billion dollars (something like 60,000 billion lire) while his arch-rival of Redmond is very high at 58.7 billion dollars. For Gates, the reduction in equity settles at an acceptable $ 1.3 billion decline against the bloodletting suffered by Ellison who had a fortune of $ 47 billion in his pocket last year. This means that the CEO of Oracle has lost 21 billion dollars of his assets, about 50,000 billion lire. Scrolling the ranking there are the first non-Americans, the Germans Theo and Karl Albrecht in fifth place, and the well-known prince in sixth Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud who also controls a significant package of Apple shares (as well as being an investor in Italy in numerous IT and communication realities)

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