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Gartner, iPhone is not for companies

The iPhone is an advanced iPod, equipped with telephony functions and as such must be kept out of the corporate communication systems. The opinion, which does not seem to admit discussions about the opportunity for companies to adopt Gartner's Apple mobile phone.

In a note, the market analysis company rejected iPhone for various reasons. They range from the lack of support for email systems like Exchange and Lotus (which would force you to forward the mail to a traditional email address to access it remotely) to the lack of Firewall. Relevant, obviously in negative, the lack of a system to remotely erase the contents of the mobile phone, which is worrying if you think that its loss or theft could lead to the dispersion of confidential information.

Other reasons to consider for companies are the high cost (499 or 599 $ is much more than even a highly advanced mobile phone costs) and the fact that with iPhone you can also do things that have nothing to do with a business use such as, for example, downloading music and watching movies and companies 'says Gartner' have little reason to buy a phone for their employees with which they can use multimedia files

But if, from the point of view of business users, the unsuitable phone, from the consumer point of view, Gartner itself claims, it is a highly relevant product. The rules of the game will change, says the research firm.