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Gartner: Apple 13% of smartphones in just 3 years

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Gartner: Apple 13% of smartphones in just 3 years – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple is the only computer manufacturer that has managed to conquer a non-marginal percentage in the smartphone sector: in just three years Cupertino has won 13% of the smartphone sector. Conversely, the quotas reached by other PC manufacturers are negligible, not only for Acer, Dell and Lenovo who have entered the smartphone sector only recently, but also for Asus, HP and Toshiba present in this market for many years. The picture of PC manufacturers engaged in the crowded smartphone market was created by Roberta Cozza, analyst at DI Gartner.

The situation and market shares photographed this year are not destined to change even by 2012, the period considered in the analysis. Finally, Roberta Cozza lists the reasons behind the poor success of the other IT manufacturers. The latter considered and treated smartphones as an extension of their line of computers, proposing them with Windows and highlighting above all the technical specifications, a strategy was able to interest only professional users.

The winning strategies for the smartphone sector indicated in the report seem to describe, instead, the choices made by Cupertino: to create hardware with an attractive design, proposed with very frequent updates, finally the importance of a better user experience. Finally, we note that according to Roberta Cozza the increasingly frequent use of Android by manufacturers historically linked to Windows Mobile aims to meet the needs of users for a more graphically satisfying and more intuitive system to use, just what it has made the success of the iPhone.

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