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Gartner also blesses iPhone for business

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“In its first version iPhone was, with few exceptions, an Internet tablet with browser-based applications as its main offering, but the release of firmware 2.0 changes the situation, making it possible to develop applications that run locally and programs that do not depend on the network functions ". Gartner's vice president and expert analyst statement. which sounds like a real "corporate" blessing for the iPhone, meaningful because a representative of a company that in the past had made no secret of his skepticism towards the Apple phone as a device for managers and companies .

The rejection by Gartner at the time of the iPhone launch was mainly due to the absence of tools for integration with business systems for mail, for communication with other programs and above all for the absence of capable technologies to ensure a safe and secure exchange of data between iPhones and corporate servers.

All this changed with the presentation of the SDK and with the announcement of the firmware 2.0, respectively programming tools offered to developers and with the integration of the main technologies for the use of iPhone with mail, contacts, organization tools, widespread and widely used in business.

So in today's release Dulaney not only reviews Gartner's position regarding the use of the iPhone in the company, but even predicts a great success: “Thanks to the adoption of the Microsoft license for Exchange Active Sync and to the security solutions, companies and organizations can offer sufficient security for iPhones when using email and PIM features. This will open up a large market for iPhones, initially blocked or slowed down due to the lack of security and functionality of the applications. "

According to Gartner, in addition to the prediction of a possible great success for the iPhone, a new role is set for Apple. With the entry of the iPhone into the business sector, Cupertino could become one of the main suppliers of development tools for client platforms. The final consequence that companies will have to invest in unfamiliar technologies and that will require training and further investments.

Today's Gatner press release confirms what all the Apple people had imagined and even hoped not only after the presentation of the SDK and the new business features, but even in some cases even from the very first days of the iPhone.

The official blessing has arrived: now all that remains is to wait for Apple to implement all the promised technologies and solutions and, if all goes the right way, we will witness a new revolution made in Cupertino.

The complete Gartner study can be purchased at the website of the research and analysis company at the price of 95 dollars.